Chicano Programs Services

Chicano Programs is a an office that supports students and advocates for students at NMSU.

Dr. Laura Gutiérrez-Spencer , the director, founded NMSU´s Immigrant Student Issues Committee in 2005.
Undocumented and DACA NMSU/DACC or other NMSU Branch students can contact Dr. Gutiérrez-Spencer about
issues that you are facing  or questions that you may have about your life on campus.
Chicano Programs cannot give legal advice and we urge students facing these issues to contact a licensed immigration attorney.
However, you may have non-legal issues where we may be able to provide  information and support.
Chicano Program´s services are confidential.
Chicano Programs computer lab/lounge: Large fridge to store your lunch during the day and microwave to heat it up.
Couch to hang out , study on,  or take a nap during the day after a long night of studying.
20 pages of free printing per week.
Mathlab and other programs on the computers
Scholarship Info: regarding scholarships that  undocumented/DACA students are eligible to receive.
Email list: Information from across the U.S. on opportunities for minority/Latino students.
Scholarships, internships, job postings, reminders of deadlines, etc.
Informal Advisement  Students can talk to Dr. Gutiérrez-Spencer or our coordinator about any issue
affecting their ability to stay in school or to be happy in school.  This includes
providing a safe space to vent after a bad day, or to tell someone about the great day
that you had.  This includes undocumented/DACA students.

To make a private office appointment or appointment for a phone call,   contact our office during office hours at 575-646-4206
Or email your question/ comment  directly to Dr. Gutiérrez-Spencer at

We are located at García Annex Rm 136